We believe in complete transparency about how we collect and use users' data. This section contains all the information about cookies and their usage.

Q. What is a cookie?

Cookies are some small text files, sent to your mobile device, laptop, or computer. These files are unique to your browser or your account. There are two types of cookies: Session-based cookies and Persistent cookies. Session-based cookies last only for a certain period (i.e. while you are on our website) and are automatically removed when you close your browser. Persistent cookies stay for the time until they're manually removed from your browser or get expired.

Q. Do we use cookies?

Yes. Our website uses cookies and similar features, including single-pixel gifs and web beacons. To help you better navigate the website, we use both persistent and session-based cookies. We usually set and access our cookies on our website. Please note that we may also use third-party cookies such as Google Analytics.

Q. How do we use cookies?

Some cookies are linked with your personal information or account so that we can record your purchasing habits, search results, preferences etc. in order to remember them later when you visit again. Other cookies are not associated with your account but are unique and help us carry out research analytics, customization, and other similar evaluations.

Cookies are used for remembering you and your preferences whenever you visit our website. Using them allows us to provide you with personalized experiences, consistent with your preferences. Cookies also make your interaction with the website more secure and faster.

Q. How do we use cookies for advertising?

Cookies, including other tech features such as beacons, pixels, and tags, help us promote our services effectively to our potential users that our associated parties or we believe may be interested in our services. They also help collect other information such as auditing, statistics, research and reporting, so that we can be aware of when the content is shown to you.

Q. What should you do if you don't want cookies?

You can always opt not to allow cookies, which is why your browsers have an option to adjust the cookie setting according to your preferences and choices. You can also manage cookies for a particular website through your browser settings. Here's how you can do it.

1- Google Chrome

2- Mozilla Firefox

3- Internet Explorer

4- Android Browser

5- Safari

6- Opera

For other browsers, please refer to the documentation provided by your browser manufacturer.

You can also discard the use of third-party cookies from Google Analytics on its website.

You can also discontinue interest-based targeting cookies given by participating ad servers via the Digital Advertising Alliance (http://youradchoices.com). Moreover, if you're using your mobile phones for browsing, you can control ad-exposure through your device settings.

Please note that if you restrict websites and applications to use cookies, it may result in poor user experience or inhibit your ability to use services more efficiently, since they are no longer personalized to you. It may also prevent us from recording your preferences, choices that may otherwise give you faster and effective engagement on our website.

Q. What type of cookies we use on our website:

1. Authentication:

whenever you visit our website, cookies allow us to show you accurate information that is personalized according to your preferences.

2. Security:

cookies help us to enable and assist our security features, and help us identify malicious activities.

3. Preferences, features, and services:

we use cookies to record your preferences, language choices, and the details you previously entered to help you fill out the form faster and efficiently. They also allow us to provide you with personalized content, features and insights.

4. Marketing:

We use cookies to carry out marketing activities and help keep track of the ad performance (for example, a visitor clicks our advertisement and makes the purchase). Likewise, our partners may also use similar cookies to record your interactions and engagement with their services. The use of such third-party cookies is subject to the service's provider policies.

5. Performance, Analytics and Research:

Cookies help us to determine how accessible and convenient our platform is for our visitors. We tend to use cookies for research purposes that aim to improve our services, features, and help us to produce more efficient products.

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